Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Update 3: The goal has been reached!

Hi everyone!

This is a post to let you know that as of tonight, the goal has been reached. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I really didn't think anything would come of this blog, so the fact that this has all happened in just a little over a week is pretty mind-blowing.

I want to send huge thankyou's and hugs to everyone who donated, spread the word, and sent messages of encouragement and empathy. I can't really put into words the kind of relief I'm feeling right now, knowing that my mom will keep her home and knowing that she's feeling massively relieved right now.

Thank you all so very much.



  1. That’s great! For just a series of tubes, sometimes this web net thing can be OK. ;-)

  2. Wonderful. Happy Christmas to you and your mum.

  3. That is awesome news. Happy holidays!